Discover the Limitless Potential of Short Courses

Knowledge is power, and that has never been truer than it is today. Having the right set of skills and knowledge in your line of work is what will get you the job and help you excel at it, whatever it may be. And with the advent of international training through professional short courses you don’t have to work through years of degree studies to achieve a relevant qualification; you can do it in just a few weeks!

Inclusive accessibility for all

One of the greatest challenges in higher education and training is accessibility. Whether it be transport, academic admission requirements and/or finances, more and more students are finding professional training providers inaccessible. With short courses this accessibility barrier has been broken down to include all who are willing to learn, as most professional short courses available today do not carry previous educational requirements. They can also often be done online and are much, much more affordable than going to university.

Time is also removed as a barrier, especially for those who need to study while working, with short business training courses. You get to study at your own pace online, giving you the opportunity to manage your time while still working and not losing time or money. Also, many businesses approve of sending their employees on these accredited courses, so you don’t lose any of your annual leave or productivity.

Quick and convenient

On top of being accessible, short courses are also relatively quick. They usually last only a few weeks, and in some cases a couple of months. As opposed to spending years of your time at university, this means that you get your qualification much sooner, which is great for somebody looking to break into an exciting new career right away.

What about those who aren’t sure what they want to do? With the lower costs and far quicker completion time doing short training courses also gives you the opportunity to test your affinity for and appreciation for a variety of career paths. The training providers you will meet in these courses are also well equipped to give you a wealth of excellent advice going forward.

Guaranteed personal enrichment

You’ll be shocked to see the drop-out statistics at universities today. The South African Department of Higher Education released a report back in 2015 which highlighted the fact that at that stage 47.9% of university students did not complete their degrees. Those are students across all year levels, all those tens of thousands of Rands wasted, with nothing to show for it.

With professional short courses you are guaranteed to have picked up skills in a particular field, whether you pass or complete the course or not. By signing up for a training course in, let’s say, sales and marketing, you are guaranteed to receive course material for that exact topic. There is no other information thrown at you that you will never use, and your training providers will be specialised in this area in order to give you the best possible advice and explanations. So no matter what, you are guaranteed personal enrichment of some kind – and at a really good price, too.

Get ahead with your future plans in record time with short courses in Durban and various other major cities today! As Benjamin Franklin once said: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

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