Roles & responsibilities of a Toronto criminal defence lawyer

In case an individual is charged with criminal offences, the only person who can help is a criminal defence lawyer Toronto. It does not matter if the individual is caught carrying out offences like illegal weapons holding, drugs, robberies or murders. A defence lawyer seeks the reasons, collects details and ensures a fair trial for the clients. Even if the person is charged with complicated offences, a well trained and experienced lawyer can help in reducing the sentence or getting out without any sentence. The roles and responsibilities of a defence lawyer are numerous and are curious to learn.

Gathering of evidence

The police or detectives enter the primary scene collecting some important information regarding the crime or offence. A defence lawyer enters the scenario way after everything is over and is almost impossible to gather evidence and that too new evidence. Contact a criminal defence lawyer from to understand the process of gathering evidence. The lawyer will check all the allegations, looking into every detail presented by the police and witness, investigate the crime again and prepare a case based on all the facts.

Legal Representation

A criminal lawyer hired from a Toronto criminal law firm is responsible for the client in every aspect. Further, it involves the matter of life and death in some cases meaning that the lawyer knows the pressure and the way to handle the situation. With a legal representation, the police or other departments cannot force their way into investigation and requires the presence of a lawyer during questioning. This helps the client to speak with freedom rather than feeling oppressed by dominating investigators around. To understand more about the representative responsibilities of a lawyer message through Google+ or Facebook.

Difference with a public defender

If an individual cannot hire a criminal defence lawyer Toronto then he or she will be offered to have a public defender to ensure a proper trial is given. However, a public defender can either be good or bad, experienced or inexperienced, knowledgeable or new and there are many other factors that would create doubts in the mind. Whereas, a hired lawyer is a singular choice based on the interests of the client or the immediate well-wishers and would be more responsible about a case. This directly effects the reputation of the hired lawyer whereas a public prosecutor will not have anything at stake.


From filling of applications to filing the case for judgment there are hundreds of documents that need verification and numerous attempts of paperwork. The filing of records is the most monotonous yet most important job of an attorney. The records will include everything from the history of the client, government documents, information about the opponents, evidence, etc. and are very crucial for the well-being of the offender. In addition, these have to be filed based on thorough research and without violation of laws as set by the justice department.

There are numerous other roles played by a defence lawyer hired from a Toronto criminal law firm and these roles are done with utmost care because of the stakes at hand.